We are Carlos and Emilia, a couple of winemakers who have set out to create our own winery, an adventure that involves our entire family and which we hope to enjoy together.

Emi’s family is from Ourense, from the area of the Ribeira Sacra. A magical territory, full of history and spectacular landscapes, with a very authentic gastronomy of local products and wines whose historical roots are lost in memory. Wines recognized from the time of the Roman Empire until today around the world …

New York Times: Wine from a sacred region?

Independent: Ancient Roman vineyards back to life?

The Telegraph: would you like fresh and light reds?

Guía Peñin: One of the most prestigious wine guide in Spain includes Ribeira Sacra region in the top 5 most rated regions in 2017.

A territory of a unique singularity and a beauty without equal that makes him worthy of his candidacy to “World Heritage” but is worth more an image than a thousand words, isn’t it? …

Promotional spot – Ribeira Sacra Tourism Consortium


Ribeira Sacra 2015 Documentary (Némesis Audiovisual)

Did you like it? Come and meet it in person … you will love it!
From our humble winery ABA SOLLEIRA, we will try through this blog to bring the history, the territory, the vineyards, the wineries and the wines of this magical land closer together.

We are not experts in social networks, neither bloggers, or youtubers, … We are agronomists and winemakers who with passion and respect try to make a wonderful wine in a wonderful territory. We want this blog to be a space for communication through which we will try to share our philosophy and way of understanding viticulture and wine.

Thank you and please help us to spread the word! We’re a small fish in the ocean and mouth to mouth is really helpful for us to arrive everywhere.
Carlos & Emi

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