Mencia 2017
Mencia 2017

MENCIA 2018,

our second vintage …
marking identity!

It is a mixture of several small parcels of Mencia with similar characteristics, altitude (300-325 m.), same type of granite soil and the same south orientation, seeking maximum insolation. Looking for marking character in the wine!

Ruby red color. Intense aromatic profile with red and black fruits, florals (violets) and earthy and mineral notes accompanied by subtle nuances of wood. In the mouth it is fresh, full-bodied with silky and soft tannins that give it fullness in the mouth and a long and elegant finish.

* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
* Low sulfites- less than 1/3 of maximum legal dosage

2018 Vintage characteristics

Complicated year from start to finish. The months of June and July were very rainy and with frequent nights that did not cool allowing the important development of the Mildew that reduced the harvest in many plots below half. Dry and hot August and September, together with the low quantity of grapes in the vines, anticipated the harvest, which was of good quality, very healthy and with concentration. It came with structure and medium-high aging potential. Very low grapes yield year, hard work to manage the difficulties but at the end very high quality year.

What gastronomic pairings are ideal?

It is a balanced, elegant and subtle wine perfectly enjoyed itself without food or paired with many different types of cuisine, as it won’t impose itself on the dish, and in turn won’t be imposed by the flavours of the food either.

Ideal with cured meats such as chorizo, salami, sausages and ham. It can also stand up well to strong cheeses, ideal with Manchego, mature cheddar, or even with blue cheese such as Roquefort or Gorgonzola.

Especially delicious with red meats such as lamb and veal, and even pork or any type of game meat.

And for daring people who only consider white wine as your “go to” for fish and seafood, try it with fatty and oily fish such as grilled sardines or tuna belly, or any other baked or grilled fatty fish.


A temperature of 14-16 C (57 to 61 F) is ideal for the wine to express its maximum flavors and aromas, although if the weather is hot and you want to drink it fresh, it’s high fruit intensity allows for a chilling down to 12 – 14 C (54 to 57 F) to remain a pleasant and expressive wine.  

It is best with a gentle decanting and waiting half an hour before serving, allowing the wine to breathe, oxygenate, and show its fullness.


The wine has matured in the winery, two thirds in French oak 3500 liters tank and one third in stainless steel tank, for 10 months with its own lees or “with its mother,” as we say in Spain, and continues to mature in the bottle (bottling date August 2019). It is round and harmonious, so you can drink it now enjoying its freshness, youth and aromatic intensity. With time in the bottle it will decrease a bit in fruit intensity but gain complexity, roundness and length in the mouth. In suitable storage conditions, the wine will evolve over the next 4-5 years or more depending your personal palate.

For us, the process of making this wine has been a great satisfaction and we are proud it will go around the world representing us. Our greatest hope is that you’ll enjoy it in your glass as much as we have enjoyed making it and that it will serve to accompany your best moments, with your friends and your family, as we believe that their company is the best


  • Weather: Atlantic.
  • Vineyard altitude: 300-325 m.
  • Vineyard exposition: South (maximum sunlight).
  • Soil: sandy, granite bedrock.
  • Grape Variety: Mencía 20 years old.

Mencia 2018. Box of 6 bottles

105,00 IVA incluido

Do you want to know our mencía 2017?

You will discover subtle differences that make each harvest unique.

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