Vinos tintos MENCIA 2019 y 2020 Bodegas Abasolleira

MENCIA 2019 AND 2020,

Two very different years…
marking identity!

The two wines are the same mixture of several small parcels of Mencía with similar characteristics, altitude (300-325 m.), same type of granitic soil and same orientation towards maximum insolation. Looking for what marks the wine’s character: Mencía, mountain territory, Atlantic climate and granite soil.

2019, ruby red colour. Intense aromatic profile with fresh red and black fruits, floral (violet) and mineral and earthy notes accompanied by subtle nuances of oak (almost imperceptible). In the mouth it is fresh, with a medium body and very silky with smooth tannins that bring freshness to the mouth and a long and elegant finish. Alcoholic degree 12% (scarce).

2020, ruby red colour. More mature on the nose than the 2019 with very mature red and black fruit, notes of raisins and the usual minerality with subtle notes of almost imperceptible maturation in the oak. In the mouth is very mature, the most in all our history of Aba Solleira, round and warm with 13% alcohol, long and silky.

Both, as always, suitable for vegetarians and vegans and low in sulphites (less than 1/3 of the maximum legal dose)

Characteristics of the 2019 and 2020 vintages

2019, the coolest in our entire history in Aba Solleira and 2020, the hottest. The most extreme climatic conditions we ever had and the wines show it.

What gastronomic pairings are ideal?

Despite the differences, both are balanced, elegant and subtle wines that allow a perfect pairing with many typical dishes of our gastronomy, harmoniously accompanying the food without imposing on it and in turn without imposing on it either.

Ideal with any kind of charcuterie.

Great also for cheeses, even for strong personality ones, being ideal for Manchego, matured cheeses and even blue ones.

Meats of all kinds, especially red meats such as veal and lamb and also pork or any type of game.

And for the open minded who rightly consider that white is not the only wine option for fish, it will give them much satisfaction paired with mackerel, sardines, tuna… or any fatty fish grilled or baked .

At what temperature? Is it okay to decant them or let them breathe for a while?

14-16 ºC is the ideal temperature for these wines to express their maximum although if the weather is hot and you want to drink it fresher, its high fruit intensity and its pleasantness in the mouth allow that at 12-14 ºC it remains a pleasant and expressive wine.

It is advisable to gently decant the wine and wait half an hour, so that the wine breathes, oxygenates and shows itself fully.

When is the ideal moment of consumption? Do we open it now or do we keep it for a while?

Two thirds of the blend is matured in a 3500 Liter French oak vat and one third in oxygen permeable ovoid tanks, for 10 months with their own lees or as we always say in our land… “with their mother” and still maturing in the bottle (the 2019 bottled in August 2020 and the 2020 bottled in August 2021). They are round and harmonious in an ideal moment for consumption. With time in the bottle, they will evolve decreasing the fruity intensity, but gaining complexity, roundness and length in the mouth. The 2019 has better aging potential than the 2020. In adequate conservation conditions, the evolution will be very positive during the next 5-6 years post-harvest or even more depending on the personal palate of each one.

The process of making these wines has been a great satisfaction for us and we are proud that they are going around the world representing us. Our biggest wish would be that you enjoy it in the glass as much as we have enjoyed making it and that it serves to accompany your best moments, with your friends and your family, we believe that its company is the best possible pairing. 

Which one I choose for me? 2019 or 2020?

If you appreciate mature reds, classic aged reds, looking for the velvety and smoothness I recommend you the 2020.

For those that look for freshness, lighter reds and lower alcohol wines, 2019 is your best choice.

And for those that might appreciate to have the opportunity to compare the effect of the different weather conditions on the same vineyards or aren’t totally sure of what to choose I recommend you get one case of each to enjoy both.

  • Weather: Atlantic.
  • Vineyard altitude: 300-325 m.
  • Vineyard exposition: South (maximum sunlight).
  • Soil: sandy, granite bedrock.
  • Grape Variety: Mencía 20 years old.

Mencia 2019. Box of 6 bottles

105,00 IVA incluido

Mencia 2020. Box of 6 bottles

105,00 IVA incluido


 Save a bottle of each vintage and you will notice how each year is unique.

Do you want to know our mencía 2017?

You will discover subtle differences that make each harvest unique.

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